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Membership options

Full membership

This is open to all chartered physiotherapists and other health professionals who have completed an approved reflextherapy course. (Please see the events section for details of current training opportunities). Full membership is also available to health professionals who have completed a reflexology course recognised by the Association of Reflexologists, the Institute of Complementary Medicine and the International Therapy Council.

Full members must satisfy the ACPIRT committee that they have, over a two-year period, successfully completed a minimum of ten hours' CPD in reflex therapy and related therapies and that they use reflex therapy as part of their professional practice.

Associate membership

This is open to CSP members, student physiotherapists and other health professionals who do not meet the requirements of full membership.

Honorary membership

This may be conferred on any individual who, at the discretion of the committee, has provided exceptional service to ACPIRT.

Friends category

This is open to those interested in reflex therapy not eligible for membership in other categories. Unlike the other categories of membership, 'friends' are not eligible to vote at general meetings. However, they may receive the same information and have the same training opportunities as members.

Expectations of members

Members are encouraged to support ACPIRT through active involvement in regional groups and to submit articles for the newsletter.

How to join

Please download and complete the membership application form attached below.

Cost of membership

£20 for UK based members and £25 for overseas members.  There is, in both cases, a £5 fee for new members.


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